What we're looking for

Technology to shape the future

In the next ten years we are going to see a huge shift in the construction industry, thanks to innovation and technology aligned to the changing requirements of the people that work in the industry.

We are looking for organisations that focus on the use of technology and have ideas to support the industry in 2025 and beyond. It's those organisations who will be able to be part of and really drive what the construction sector will look like and how it will work in the future.



Not only will we look to put financial support, equity or soft loans into businesses, we will also provide support, resources, mentoring and help on business ‘start-up’ in areas such as marketing. It will also act as a means of access for Incubator companies to our construction customer base, clients and stakeholders.

Our early-stage investment in these businesses will help us to guide them along the best paths to maximise their chance of success.


IP Protection

Pagabo recognises that any new idea or innovation or process may include your investment in the intellectual property (IP) of your idea. Pagabo understand the investment you make and we will ensure that any contract agreements or understanding we have will always acknowledge the IP and who it was developed by.

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